CNC Lathing
  The Agriweld Engineering team use the latest computer numerical-controlled lathing technology to create accurate, reliable products and components. Projects can be tailored to any deadline or budget, carried out with a complete client focus.

  • CNC lathing ideal for ultra precision machining of larger parts, castings and housings for automotive and aerospace OEMs
  • CNC lathing machining centers for multi-year production of ultra-high tolerance parts with complex geometries
  • Tooling to accelerate set-up for rapid prototyping
  • Flexibility on short runs for design validation and minor changes
    to existing part numbers
  • Engineers and operators use real-time SPC data to manage all CNC lathing machines and schedule repair, maintenance and tool changes
  • Precision CNC lathing on a wide range of highly engineered alloys and thermoplastics
  • Complete validation and documentation for lot traceability